Sizing and Fabric Construction for Apparel

This is just a quick reminder to double check sizing options when placing an order for apparel here on our store. We use various manufacturers for the different garments, and sizing can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. For example, a medium might be a great fit for you in one garment, and a small might be the best fit in another. We have included a size chart in the product description for every piece of clothing to give you as much info as possible to make the right choice. We recommend that you grab your favorite shirt or hoodie that's comparable to what you are ordering, lay it out flat, take its measurements, and compare them to the measurements on the size chart of the piece you are ordering. That way you know you're getting the perfect fit!

We often have people ask about the fabric thickness for the tees we sell. Here is some info related to that:

  • The Unisex Organic Cotton tees have the thickest fabric at 5.5 oz per square yard. Can still be worn on a warm summer day. Just be aware that the fabric is a bit thicker than our other tees.
  • The Women's Organic Cotton tees have a fabric thickness of 4.4 oz per square yard. Perfect summer tee thickness!
  • The Organic Hemp Blend tees have a fabric thickness of 4.3 oz per square yard. Perfect summer tee thickness, and great for layering!
As always, reach out with any questions you may have and Happy Shopping!