Our Quest

Why do we do this the way we do?

The dream is that this process from the customer back through to production (the people involved and the products themselves) be carried out at the highest level of quality with dignity and respect all around. Basically, loving people and loving the planet.

Why organic materials (everywhere possible)?

Organic farming practices:
  • Create healthier working conditions for farmers and agricultural workers
  • Do not depend on chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or genetically engineered ingredients
  • Pull CO2 out of the atmosphere as much as three times the rate of conventional farming practices and release less CO2 into the atmosphere because they do not rely on chemical fertilizers and herbicides (Rodale Institute, 2008)
  • Promote bio-diversity - insect and bird life has been found to be as much as 50% greater on organic farms than conventional farms (UK Soil Association, 2000)
  • Use up to 91% less water for the production of organic cotton vs conventional production of cotton

Green finances.

Luminous Threads uses Aspiration accounts for all business financial structure. Aspiration is like a bank, but uses monthly/annual fees charged on their accounts for things like treeplanting initiatives in Kenya, Mozambique, Madagascar, Honduras, Brazil, and the USA. They are a Certified B corporation and a 1% for the Planet member. They partner with other organizations in the Conscience Coalition to focus on things like using recycled materials for apparel production, providing eyeglasses to those in need, and reducing single use plastic packaging. Every order placed here at Luminous Threads plants a tree somewhere in the Aspiration tree planting initiative mentioned above. Check out Aspiration here.

So, you can feel confident knowing that your purchases with Luminous Threads are helping make the world a brighter place in as many ways as possible.