Inspiration for Designs


We believe that at the core of our being is pure light. The Upanishads call it the Self. Buddhists refer to it as the Buddha nature. Jesus referred to it as Rivers of Living Water. We also believe that no matter what is the current state of things personally and collectively, we can come back to that inherent light. Moment by moment, again and again. We have all kinds of things in our experience, but this light is who we are.


This design came from contemplating alchemy, and more specifically the action of the alchemical fire. The triangle in ancient symbology represents the element of fire. Ancient alchemists attempted to turn base metals into gold. There is an inner alchemy as well. Through the power of applied love and wisdom, we can transform the "base metals" of our difficulties into freedom. Through this fiery process, we transform, we shift, and we rise.


We wanted a simple way to express the centrality of love in not only the human experience, but potentially in all things. If you notice the way the colors are situated in this design, you'll see a specific order from bottom to top: red, orange/yelllow, and then green. The colors were ordered this way to signify the way that the understanding and experience of love moves up the chakra system. Red represents the root chakra understanding of love - I love those immediately around me (my family, my village). Orange/yellow represents the sacral and solar plexus chakra understandings of love - I want to express love in creativity, sensuality, and with whom I please. Green represents the heart chakra embodiment of love - I love because that is who I AM.


We know that the word "beloved" is not a word that is used in our culture much these days. But it is a word that seemed to be used in various expressions of mystical and ecstatic poetry in times past. Poets like Rumi, Kabir, Mirabai, and more use this type of language to describe their relationship to the divine and to life. With this design, we wanted to find a way to express this universal and ecstatic (living in awe) experience of being loved and also being love itself.

More to come...